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Going to a new place for the first time can be overwhelming...

We get it!  Walking into any new situation can feel intimidating.  Maybe it'll help to know these two things right up front:

You'll fit in!

Even though we haven't met you yet, we know you'll find your people here!  We come from all different backgrounds and experiences, and from the moment you walk through our doors you'll feel welcome.  

You're OK.

Some people feel nervous about coming to church because they "have a past."  Yeah, does everyone around here!  We're serious about helping people grow, but we do that with love, not with shame.



Frequently Asked Questions

Red Car

Where Should I Park?

We are located in the back parking lot area of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  You will see spaces saved for you to park.   If you liked to fly under the radar, drive right past those and park anywhere you'd like.

This is a chair icon that directs people on where they sit when they visit the church

Where do I sit? 

There is no assigned seating.  If you'd like help to find a spot, one of our friendly ambassadors will be happy to assist you! 

This is an icon to describe how you can dress when you visit our church

What Should I Wear?

Clothes and shoes.  We don't care what kind.  Some people will dress up and others come casual.  Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Child smiling while playing at our church Sunday School

Should I bring my kids?

Yes! Bring your whole family!

Although kids are welcome to join in the worship service, most of them have looooads more fun at Future Gen Kids.  The first time you visit, we recommend arriving 10–15 minutes ahead of the service so we can show you and your child around. 

A band playing christian music during a church service

What Happens During Service?

First, we make all visitors stand up and introduce themselves, just kidding!   We would never ever do that to you. 

Our worship service includes music, prayer, announcements, an offering time, and an inspirational sermon that's easy to understand.  You can participate (or not) to whatever degree you feel comfortable

Letting visitors know they are not obligated to tithe at church unless they are being led to do so.

Will I be expected to give money?

You're welcome to make a donation if you'd like, but it's certainly not an expectation of our guests.


Let Us Know You're Coming

Thanks for registering. We can't wait to see you!

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